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Asylum seekers, welfare abusers, or simply criminals. That's how immigrants are according to Swedish mass media.

Media reporting is one of the most evident boundary-drawing factors in today’s Swedish society, where the word “immigrant” as a hidden meaning. If not, why is it that one never thinks about an American CEO living in an upclass neighborhood when talking about an immigrant from the suburbs?

Immigrants are depicted through recurring stereotypes, where accounts and analysis of individual events are portrayed as if they were generally relevant to ALL immigrants, regardless of their ethnic origin or social class. Furthermore, immigrants are almost always placed within a problematic context, where they are either the cause of the trouble or they are afflicted by it.

Very seldom are immigrants seen in everyday situations that bear no direct relation to their cultural background, which makes them appear as deviant from society’s norm. This is a serious problem because mass media lay the grounds for the public’s sense of reality and shape the social debate on immigration issues.
In this project I portray the everyday life of seven people. Seven common people that lead a common life, but whose reality (and that of many others like them) is hardly ever shown by the media. Why?